Ilu Collective

Ilu Collective was created to bring to life a beauty & wellness center that gives you more than just monthly treatments for your upkeep — it gives you a safe space to relax & unwind. 

At ilu, love meets wellness. Whether it’s self love, love for someone else, or love between two — we provide wellness services bound by the highest technology, medical-grade treatments using quality natural products.

Who are we?

We are a team of educated beauty professionals qualified to give you the results you seek. 

Is it clear skin?  Is it symmetrical features? Is it a slimmer figure? Is it an increase in energy or libido?

We bring you quality without compromising cost. We have cost-effective plans to make beauty a fit for all.

Meet the Team

Alexandra Seife

Master Injector & Founder

Becoming an aesthetic injector was a natural progression for me, as I have a love of science and medicine, as well as a genuine passion for making people feel confident and empowered in their own skin. As a deeply empathetic individual with an eye for beauty, I was drawn to the transformative impact that aesthetic procedures have on a person’s self-esteem. Through my 7+ years of nursing experience in the fields of cardiology, primary care, and pediatrics plus extensive training to master the art of injectables — I found a unique avenue to merge my love for beauty with my desire to make an impact on my patients’ lives. I founded ILU Collective with the goal of enhancing my clients’ natural beauty while keeping safety and ethics at the core of my practice.

Ornella Lopresti

Master esthetician & body specialist

As the Master Esthetician at ILU Collective, I want people to feel welcome. Not just because I want them to come back for more, but because they are coming to me with their concerns and, often times, their insecurities. Sometimes I feel like a therapist because while I’m healing your skin, I’m healing you. So you can embrace yourself confidently.

I love what I do because it’s rewarding. There’s no better feeling than waking someone up after a treatment and seeing their face of gratitude. One of my clients said it best when she said “your room is like a reset button for my mind, skin and soul” and that’s my promise, you’ll leave my treatment room renewed in the flesh and the soul.

Nelly Reyes

Laser Specialist

Growing up in a Hispanic household my mom would teach me how to do my makeup, style my clothes and look presentable at a very young age. I think that’s what grew my love for beauty, aesthetics and self care. As a kid I wanted to be in control of how I looked and how I acted, because it’s no secret — you look good you feel good.

Electrolegy is a rewarding field for me because I’m able to offer my clients both beauty & confidence. Working is fun for me! I get to chat and laugh with my clients — making them feel comfortable & offering a friendly environment. Going in for laser treatments can be scary for some people but I want everyone to feel welcome and safe in my hands.

Maria Sendin

Office Manager & Receptionist

Becoming the office manager at Ilu Collective stemmed from my desire to merge my organizational skills with my passion for the aesthetics industry. I was drawn to the opportunity to collaborate with skilled professionals while also providing clients a serene, rejuvenating experience. Ilu Collective fosters a sense of community and trust between the team and the patients, which I find immensely fulfilling. Everyday, I look forward to coming to work and meeting our amazing clients — helping them feel their best.